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“At first look, I didn't think there was anything special about Empower Pads. They actually look less absorbent than some of the brands I've used in the past. Yet I decided to give them a try.

As a plus-sized woman, the panty liners and day pads are pretty much useless; but, I was surprised by how much I liked the night pads. I didn't have that plastic "diaper" feeling I've grown accustomed to with other brands, and I did feel like my girlie bits could breathe better.

On the whole, I was pleasantly surprised by Empower Pads and find myself recommending them to my friends and family”.

Stephanie, 34, Ontario Canada

I am 65 years old and obviously no longer need to use pads for my monthly period, however I do not like a panty line when i wear slacks, therefore these Empower Pads are a perfect solution to that problem! They give me peace of mind when I sneeze or cough because they absorb much more than other brands and they also have a wonderful softness to them. I highly suggest that you try them and I believe you are in for a pleasant surprise!


Before Empower pads, I tried Kotex, Always, Playtex brands of pads and all have provide me with such a pleasant raw feeling in my womanly area that I wail with ecstacy. Please note previous statement is heavily laced with sarcasm. Empower pads give me no such feeling and I actually hardly feel the pad at all, which is a blessing when your liquid storage container constantly feels like its consealing biohazardous material!!!

Believe it or not, I did buy myself a years supply of these and I pray that they will be around even after a cure for IC is found. Fingers crossed!!!

Amazon testimonial from - A Prey of IC

“I love the Empower pads! I can definitely feel the difference in your product as compared to any other brands sold on the market. This product is amazing!!!”

Melissa, 42, Maine

“I have tried the day pads and LOVE them. I will definitely be ordering some. They are so comfortable.

Stef, 35, Washington

I love the pads because they are highly adhesive, comfortable and well packaged.I felt great during the time I used them, and would recommend them to anyone.

Cecile , 35, CT

These pads are uniquely made, package, usability & comfort ability. I feel extraordinary with the pads on. I wish every woman will try these amazing pads.


I have been familar with this product under ANION and this is an incredible product . Try it you won't regret it. I also recieved excellent customer service from this company.

Rusha Beauty Junkie

Very Comfortable!! Didn't irritate my skin, very soft,.Highly Recommend others to try empower pads & see for themselves!!!


The Empower Pads are wonderful! Very comfortable and better than anything I have used before. I appreciate the variety of sizes. My flow is dynamic, heavy one day, light the next, I've always got just the right solution with Empower Pads! They hold up to a variety of activities and I always feel great. I highly recommend them to any woman.

Trish- 39,CA

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