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Empower Pads Testimonials
Claire, 72, California
The Empower Pads absorb quite a bit. I feel alive and cleaner. No odor which is very important to me. I wear them 24 hours a day. I truly, truly, truly love them! And my daughter loves the pantiliners!

Empower Pads Testimonials
Tasha, 22, Tennessee
Very Comfortable!! Didn't irritate my skin, very soft, helped with bloating & muscle cramps as well as head aches. Highly Recommend others to try empower pads & see for themselves!!!
Empower Pads Testimonials
Stef, 35, Washington
I have only been able to try the day pads and LOVE them. I will definitely be ordering some . They are so comfortable...I suffer from pelvic discomfort and my vaginal tissues are so sensitive.

Empower Pads Testimonials
Trish, 39, CA
I appreciate the variety of sizes. My flow is dynamic, heavy one day, light the next, I've always got just the right solution with Empower Pads! They hold up to a variety of activities and I always feel great. I highly recommend them to any woman.
Embrace Innovation
Now a breakthrough invention that can help every woman be more comfortable during her special time of the month.
Negative Ion technology now in a sanitary napkin.
Empower Sanitary Napkin
What are Negative Ions?
Think of about things that make you feel good - being outdoors in the sun, watching waves crash on the beach, being near a waterfall, breathing fresh mountain air, being outside after a thunder storm and cozying up to a fireplace when its cold outside. Why do these wonderful experiences keep you coming back for more? It’s due to the fact that negative ions, also called anions, are negatively charged molecules abundant in nature. They are odorless, tasteless, and colorless and have the ability to absorb micro-particles from the air such as viruses, dust, and bacteria. Your body naturally knows this. Negative Ions are so essential to health and wellbeing that people have called them everything from the “air vitamin,” to the “air scavenger.” The higher the numbers of anions present, the better the health benefit. The positive contribution of anions in healthcare is so great that we have added anions to our line of sanitary napkins.
Empower Sanitary Napkin
What to look for in a sanitary napkin?
  • Choose a pad that is made from light, breathable, hypoallergenic materials. Allergens, dirt and materials that do not permit airflow, often cause skin irritation. Beginning with a good base material is crucial to reducing these issues.
  • Consider the style and size. Choose a pad that is appropriate for your body size and type.
  • Look for a pad with a high absorption rate that also has the ability to lock in moisture.
  • Make sure that there is sufficient adhesive on the pad. “Winged” pads are a plus because they are designed to ensure less slippage during especially busy days.
  • Look for a pad that offers the newest technology and odor control without scent or perfumes. The industry is changing, take advantage of it!
Not All Pads Are Made Equal!
Benefits Empower Stay Free Kotex Always Infiniti
Breakthrough Negative Ion
Regular Absorbent Layer
Super Absorbent Polymer Layer
Soft Top Layer
Breathable Backing
Anti Bacterial Technology
Unscented Odor Elimination Technology
Women around the world are raving about their experience with sanitary pads
that use the Negative Ion Technology. Are you ready to join them?

Empower Sanitary Napkin
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